Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bluebox Avionics To Scoot Across The Sky

Posted by-Neelam Mathews
June 10, 2012

Singapore's newest airline, Scoot, has selected the Bluebox Ai portable inflight entertainment systems for deployment across its medium and long-haul fleet. This provides Scoot customers with access to the latest Hollywood early window content as well as a range of other movie, TV, audio, reading and gaming content all delivered via secure iPad devices.
Bluebox Ai provides over 20 hours of battery life with a unique system that ensures that the iPads can remain on the aircraft between periodic content updates greatly simplifying logistics.

"At Scoot, we offer fantastic value airfares and keeping things simple are always front of mind," said Campbell Wilson, Scoot's CEO. "The Bluebox Ai IFE solution enables us to deliver further value to our customers in a package that is straightforward to manage. It will satisfy our current need and is able to support our future plans for our inflight entertainment offering."

This is a sentiment that is reflected by David Brown, Joint Managing Director of Bluebox. 

"Bluebox Ai is designed to deliver the best possible content in the market leading tablet platform. Our global support and service infrastructure ensures that our airline clients are able to deliver the very latest and stimulating content to their passengers in a package that is backed by unrivalled support......"

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