Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Pilots threaten as Kingfisher bleeds ....more defaults

Neelam Mathews
Feb 29, 2012

It’s that time of the month again. Aerospace Diary learns pilots of ailing Kingfisher Airlines have threatened not to come to work from tomorrow March 1, if the backlog of their 3-month salary is not cleared.

We also hear the airline is caught again with dues yet to be paid to IATA. This follows a recent default when Kingfisher had come close to being blacklisted by IATA for non payment.

Bad luck seems to come in 3 or 4s for the airline. An official told Aerospace Diary lessors are demanding the return of two AOGs, not under proper care. It is not clear if they are A330s or A320s. If the former, it could be likely the carrier’s operations to London and Hong Kong could be hit badly. Already, Kingfisher counters are manned with a skeleton staff taking care of a handful of passengers.

Is the media to blame for this as Vijay Mallya’s recent note to his employees claim, one wonders.

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  1. No , the owners are busy with force one and calender models . What do you expect . At one side you see some nice models and racing on the other hand an employee waiting for his salary to buy cancer medicine for his parent .