Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Blueprint on General and Business Aviation

Neelam Mathews
Feb 21, 2012

A team of nine including representatives from ICAO and Ministry of Civil Aviation is presently preparing a blueprint on Business and General Aviation in India to cover helicopters, seaplanes and fixed wing operations.

The report, once ready in April, will incorporate a future strategy for the sector taking into account its present infrastructural and regulatory constraints, an official told Aerospace Diary at the third IBAE held today.

This is expected to be incorporated in the new Civil Aviation policy that has presently only two pages dedicated to the lucrative but oft ignored sector.

CAPA Chief South Asia Kapil Kaul was vociferous that a joint secretary level official in the ministry of civil aviation be made the point guard for general and business aviation. “We have a good secretary wanting to make changes,” said Kaul. He added the DGCA required a organization structure to oversee interests of non- scheduled operators, "as does AAI at ED level for development of general aviation to work alongside the BAOA.”

“I believe procedural bottlenecks will be achieved. Structural issues will take time,” Kaul added.

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