Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scoot Goes to Town with Scootitude, the new attitude!

Neelam Mathews
Jan 11, 2012

Singapore Airlines low cost arm, Scoot is making a statement with its new uniform revealed today. Singapore’s buzzing with three of its cabin crew scooting around iconic sights in Singapore, showing off Scoot’s radical, modern new threads.

With strong overtones of yellow, Scoot’s corporate color, the uniform aims to break convention,catch your eye and allow our crew to perform their duties in comfort and style, says SIA.

“Practicality is our goal – a unique uniform our crew would be proud to wear. More importantly, safe for operations and easy to maintain,” said Ng Ju Li, Scoot’s Head of Cabin Services.

Scoot’s brief to designers, ESTA, was to develop a uniform that reflected Scoot’s personality – fun, casual with great service as top priority. “Our uniform is designed with “movability” in mind, to free our cabin crew from restrictions to allow us to focus on our guests.We’re casual. We’re Scoot.”

Scoot will provide medium and long haul no-frills flights from mid-2012, and tickets will go on sale in the first quarter of 2012, operating an initial fleet of four Boeing 777 aircraft, Scoot will ply first year routes that will link Australia, Singapore and China, with others to be announced.

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  1. Singapore Scoot Airline will be another new budget airline. Good to see this. Hope that the competition will help to make the price of tickets go lower and benefit us consumers.