Thursday, January 12, 2012


Neelam Mathews
Jan 12, 2012

I'm not getting hyper, but believe the two shortlisted bidders for the MMRCA are called to the MoD on Friday the 13th.

May it prove lucky for all ! Aerospace Diary learns in any case, there will be a lot of criss-cross business between the two OEMs and their suppliers.


  1. Dear Sirs :

    Surely Indian-mmrca- Rafales could be launched from small aircraft carriers using twined-against-failure, under-fuselage, 'rato'_(rocket assisted takeoff) , such as those operated by India and Brazil, and other navies. Rafale_m's could land thereon, also.

    Too, higher acceleration regimins for Rafales could be made possible by incorporating engine inlets like the 'channeled center-body designs' being experimented with at NASA-Dryden.

  2. Yikes-so we should assume that there was no meeting on the 12th!!! The kind of disinformation and confusion asociated with this deal would be worthy of a Le Carre novel.