Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Mr Mallya………........

Neelam Mathews
Jan 7, 2012

As an aviation journalist of many years – a lot of the time of which was spent writing for respected international publications- I find Vijay Mallya’s offensive and sometimes laughable tweets (not that he cares!) to be distasteful -

Tweets Mallya- Looks like the over supply of aviation journalists will have to take a pay cut if Kingfisher does not make daily headlines-correct or not !

No Mr Mallya, that’s not correct. Believe me, aviation writing will continue whether an airline or two survives or not.
Perhaps many in the industry have forgotten that journalists have a job to do. If you choose to make news- whichever way- it is our duty to report it. You may recall we also reported with pride the birth of five star Kingfisher Airlines that raised service standards. So, now if airlines are in a mess due to world-related events or their own mishandling, you will appreciate, we will report. Just because media does not dance to a company’s tune, does not make it “paid” media.

Please remember, we are all Indians first and do not want to see safety standards fall as it affects our image.

Therefore, one is happy to see Mallya tweet-
Kingfisher is one thousand percent SAFE to fly. Safety is our absolute priority. We would never take the slightest chance or compromise.

If only, Mallya had cut short his holiday in Cape Town to talk to us, trusted us when the news on questions on safety of the carrier broke, he would have been surprised at the understanding response he might have gotten from journalists.

But for that, he would need to walk the same earth as we common folk do and not suffer from a persecution complex everytime an aviation journalist approaches him. Because this seems to be turning into xenophobia. Read his tweet on Nov 18 last year-

Has Indian media influence overwhelmed foreign journos? I made an effort to meet the Financial Times and they got it all factually wrong.

But, this is another year, and we should start it with peace and harmony. And that is what I wish for all our readers. May Indian aviation sail across the sea of tranquility. Let the stories keep coming though!

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