Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Buzz- How close is India to deciding the MMRCA?

Neelam Mathews
Jan 10, 2012

While Aerospace Diary refuses to speculate and give in to rumors, there is a loud buzz that the MoD might announce the decision on the winner of the MMRCA on Jan 12.

There is also loud talk that the consortium of European OEMs might be edging closer to winning.

I’m just sharing the buzz!


  1. Neelam,

    Interesting that you also have been 'buzzed' about the consortium!!! It would be weird to see little or no synergy between the MMRCA, the upgraded Mirage, LCA and the Russian platforms.

    I hope that whichever aircraft is L-1 gets the contract-deciding by offsets and strategic concerns is opening a new drum of worms given the threat of litigation.

  2. Dear Sirs :

    Surely Indian-mmrca- Rafales could be launched from small aircraft carriers using twined-against-failure, under-fuselage, 'rato'_(rocket assisted takeoff) , such as those operated by India and Brazil, and other navies. Rafale_m's could land thereon, also.

    Too, higher acceleration regimines for Rafales could be made possible by incorporating engine inlets like the 'channeled center-body designs' being experimented with at NASA-Dryden.