Friday, January 6, 2012

AIA Calls for Measured Approach to (U.S) Defense Budget

Statement by AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey

For some time our industry has advocated that reductions in the defense budget be made on the basis of a new national defense strategy that seeks to secure America’s future rather than simply applying lower numbers across-the-board. We therefore appreciate the evident hard work and thoughtful process that President Obama and Secretary Panetta described in developing the new strategy and their commitment to avoid arbitrary cuts.

We are encouraged that Secretary Panetta made it clear once again that sequestration was not an option for the strong defense that our nation deserves. He also specifically recognized the importance of a strong industrial base to support the military. It’s been a long-standing concern of defense experts that ill-considered cuts will leave the industry unable to develop and build the technologies and the capabilities that have made America’s military the finest in the world.


  1. Compliments on an excellent blog-short on sensationalism, good on substance!!

    I have heard chatter on blogs and some defense journos that the Rafale appears to be heading for a win in the MMRCA. This came after the pretty hefty order for the Mica missiles. Have you heard the same? When can we get a solid idea of an announcement?


  2. Thanks Justin.

    The MICA missiles are for the Mirages that have already been ordered. Whether this is in any way in closed doors, connected to the Rafale, one will not know but can speculate should Rafale win. One does know that the Eurofighter is a worthy adversary though.

    Must confess I am not hazarding a guess when the announcement will be made though the last consignment of the buzz said the end of this month. With the government busy with elections and problems of their own, one wonders if that could be possible. But then we all live in hope!! Cheers!

  3. Thanks a lot Neelam. From looking at various articles and blogs, either the Mica deal would have to be linked to the Rafale or people like you should be salivating at the possibility of the next big scam!! Can a government be that suicidal?