Saturday, December 10, 2011

Name Change -AvWorks Aviation Corp.

Posted by- Neelam Mathews 

Dec 10, 2011

AvWorks Aviation Corp has announced the Company's name has changed. 

"We have changed the Company name from Datamill Media Corp. to AvWorks Aviation Corp. to reflect our operations and industry," says Joel Young, the Company's President. "Our new name will more accurately reflect our current business activity and allow us to brand our industry-leading capabilities, efficiency and the resources we offer." 

"Our website describes the fundamental programs of AvWorks Aviation and our wholly-owned subsidiary Young Aviation," states Young. "With our ongoing development strategies, AvWorks Aviation's website will become an information and data center offering valuable resources to the aviation industry." Interested parties are encouraged to view our new website at . 

AvWorks Aviation is a diversified aviation and aerospace company that operates across multiple sectors and services; including supply chain support, maintenance, manufacturing, asset management assistance, dismantling, specialty supply, technical data and aircraft on ground (AOG) solutions.

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