Monday, December 5, 2011

Malaysia RFP- Eurocopter’s Tiger takes to the skies at LIMA

Posted by Neelam Mathews
Dec 5, 2011

Eurocopter says it is ready to propose its latest-generation Tiger attack helicopter to bolster Malaysia’s defense capability as the company showcases it during  flight demonstrations at the 2011 Langkawi Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA).

Eurocopter will highlight the Tiger and other members of its helicopter product line during this week’s LIMA event at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Center. In particular, the Tiger will take part in the daily flying display, showing its capabilities that provide the right fit with Malaysia’s defense plans in anticipation of a future Request for Proposal (RFP) by the country for attack helicopters.

“Eurocopter is fully dedicated to assisting Malaysia in establishing a highly capable attack helicopter force,” stated Eurocopter President & CEO Lutz Bertling. “Our proposal will be based on the Tiger’s effectiveness, which is proven with combat deployments in both Afghanistan and Libya – during which it demonstrated operational reliability rates of over 90 percent and confirmed a high level of maintainability. Designed for armed forces’ 21st century requirements with the latest cutting-edge technology, we believe the Tiger is the right helicopter to bolster Malaysia’s defense capabilities.”

Eurocopter’s subsidiary in Malaysia is well positioned to provide in-country services and fully support the company’s customers.

As part of its local presence strategy, Eurocopter and the Boustead Group recently created a joint venture for maintenance, repair and overhaul services. “Eurocopter will transfer its know-how in maintaining government helicopters, ensuring such support is close at hand for Malaysia’s fleet,” Bertling added.

The Tiger is a medium-weight 6-ton helicopter with a two-seat tandem cockpit and twin-engine design for survivability. Developed to cover a wide range of roles in the most demanding operational conditions – including armed reconnaissance, escort, air-to-air combat, ground fire support and anti-tank combat – the Tiger is able to act autonomously or inside coordinated wings of 2-3 aircraft, operating in high-intensity combat as well as low-intensity and peacekeeping operations.

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