Monday, December 5, 2011

Indian Army needs electronic bird deterrent systems

Neelam Mathews
Dec 5, 2011

The Indian Army has released an RFI closing on Jan 20, 2012, for electronic bird deterrent systems for Army Aviation for installation in Army Aviation Bases.

Besides the basic features of the kind of system- whether fixed or mobile and
construction details, the RFI asks for Power Requirements and various options to include in built power back up.

“The system should be programmable and offer sonic / ultrasonic / bio-acoustic options or a combination of such options,” adds the RFI.

The following additional details are required:-
Ultrasonic and sonic frequency ranges.
Ultrasonic and sonic sound pressure.
 Switchable sound options.
Operation Modes.
Area covered and effectiveness to include vertical range.
Temperature range of operation.
All weather effectiveness and protection against natural effects like lightning.
Capability to function from sea level to 11000 ft.

Interestingly, Ozone Depleting Substances Information must be provided including-

(a) Does the equipment use any Halons banned by the Montreal Protocol and as published in the Gazette of India Notification Extraordinary No 471 dated 19 Jul 2000 for its fire fighting applications.
(b) In case the equipment platform is not depended on Halons and alternatives have been deployed will the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), give complete technical details of the alternatives.
(c) In case there are no alternative available, is the OEM ready to commit to providing life time support through supply of Halons for the equipment platform.

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