Friday, December 30, 2011

Diverted and Delayed BMI Amritsar - Almaty - London-Heathrow

BMI notification

BD991 Thursday 29th December from Almaty (originating from London Heathrow) diverted to Delhi due to fog at Amritsar. Customers have continued their journey on Air India flights from Delhi to Amritsar on Friday 30th December.

BD992 Friday 30th December will now operate late as a result of the diversion to Delhi on Thursday. Timings in local times are as follows:

BD992 Amritsar departure 2130 Friday 30th December (local time Amritsar)

BD992 Almaty departure 0300 Saturday 31st December (local time Almaty)

BD992 Estimated arrival time at London Heathrow on Saturday 31st December at 0445 UK time.

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