Friday, September 23, 2011

Sabre enhances JetBlue Airways’ operational efficiency

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 23, 2011

U.S JetBlue Airways says it has seen a significant improvement in customer satisfaction in how the airline handles customers when flights are cancelled or delayed, particularly during significant weather events like recent Hurricane Irene, using Sabre Airline Solutions’ Irregular Operations Reaccommodation solution.

“Sabre’s reaccommodation solution was especially crucial for us during Hurricane Irene,” Rick Zeni, JetBlue’s vice president of IT Business Solution Delivery said. “The automated rebooking capabilities provided our crew members and customers with the best solution possible, so we could quickly accommodate customers based on their travel itinerary and proactively notify them of itinerary changes.”

Reaccommodation solution automates the entire rebooking process, which significantly reduces the amount of manual work required by reservations and airport crewmembers, allowing them to provide more personalized services to customers during an irregular operations event. 

Earlier this year, Sabre implemented its Reaccommodation solution with JetBlue to help the airline efficiently get customers to their final destination when irregular operations, such bad weather or other unplanned operational disruptions, occur. 

Since implementing this solution, JetBlue estimates a 25 percent call reduction in their reservations call centers, which allows their agents to continue providing superior customer service, even during unplanned operational disruptions. 

Hurricane Irene recently swept through the northeast of the US, causing significant flooding and power outages, amongst its damages. Airlines were also hit hard, being forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to the hurricane conditions. 

JetBlue was among the airlines most impacted by Hurricane Irene as the storm’s path virtually covered its entire northeastern network. Sabre’s re-accommodation solution proactively responded to the impending operational problems brought on by the hurricane and re-accommodated thousands of customers.

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