Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mk-54 Lightweight Torpedoes for the Indian Navy

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
June 28, 2011

The U.S. Embassy says it has welcomed news that U.S. Congress has been officially notified of the potential sale of Mk-54 Lightweight Torpedoes to the Indian Navy. 

The Mk-54 is an advanced lightweight torpedo in the U.S. Navy inventory and is intended to be employed with the P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, eight of which are currently under construction for India by the Boeing Corporation. The P-8I, equipped with Mk-54 torpedoes, will provide highly effective long-range anti-submarine warfare capabilities for the Indian Navy. 

The final content and price for the deal will be determined during discussions with the Government of India.

 "This sale reflects the mutual benefits of the U.S.-India security partnership. For India, the combined sale of the P-8I aircraft with the Mk-54 torpedoes will add to India’s anti-submarine capability as it expands its ability to protect India and the critical sea lanes of the Indian Ocean. The offer highlights the U.S. commitment to share cutting-edge technology with India and to ensure that both nations enjoy the benefits of a secure and stable South Asia," say a statement.
In addition to the U.S. Navy, the Mk-54 torpedo is currently in service with the Royal Australian Navy.

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