Thursday, July 1, 2010

Embraer Making Headway In India

Aviation Week Daily
Jun 30, 2010
By Neelam Mathews

Embraer is finding India to be one of its fastest growing markets in Asia, with orders for 40 Phenom 100/300s scheduled to be delivered by 2012.

Embraer also has received interest for the Lineage 1000, presently on a two-week tour of Asia, including India. The largest in the family of Embraer Executive Jets, the Lineage 1000 flying tour is part of ongoing marketing efforts to showcase the aircraft to specific audiences in the region including individuals and charter companies.

“The flying tour aims to bring the actual product to potential customers and provide them the opportunity to see, touch and feel the jets personally,” says José Eduardo Costas, Embraer VP of marketing and sales, Asia Pacific – Executive Jets.

Embraer has also sold nine Legacy 600s to India, of which five have been sold to the government. “We have sold all our products in India and now have a current backlog.”

Invision, an Indian business group active in the telecommunications and marine and aviation safety industries, has ordered 20 Phenom 100s, the delivery of which starts this October.

India’s newly launched general aviation company — Invision Air — will run a branded charter and air taxi operation covering the India region with the Embraer fleet. The company also plans to focus on special transport needs such as Medevac or air ambulance services.

The Phenom 100 introduced by Embraer, in 2005 and also certified in India, accomodates four passengers in the club seat configuration. The aircraft is capable of flying at 41,000 feet (12,497 meters), attained by a direct climb, even when fully loaded. In addition, the Phenom 100 is designed to perform short-field takeoffs or landings and to fly at a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.70, or 390 knots True Air Speed (TAS). It is being targeted at medium enterprises and charter operators in India.

Embraer began a flying demo tour of the entry level Phenom 100 executive jet in the Asia-Pacific region last year. The first stop was India, when the jet visited seven cities in November.

“Embraer is proud to showcase its successful entry level Phenom 100 in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Costas. “In less than one year of operations, Phenom 100 executive jet has shown itself to be a comfortable, reliable and versatile platform, and it is constantly being improved. I am sure that our customers in the region are benefiting from the jet’s characteristics and its growing support network.”

In the next years, Embraer expects the market share of business jets in Asia — presently around 600 — to go up from the present 4% to 12%. “This is the right time to be in Asia,” adds Costas.

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