Tuesday, April 13, 2010

India Tests Brahmos Cruise Missile

April 13, 2010
India successfully test fired the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile from a vertical launcher on the moving warship INS Ranvir off the Orissa coast on April 11.The launcher is designed to fit under the warship’s deck, protecting it from atmospheric conditions and imparting stealth. It also allows the missile to be turned to cover 360 deg.
The missile performed supersonic maneuvers and homed on to the decommissioned target ship INS Meen.
“The launch met all mission requirements and was 100% successful,” Brahmos Aerospace CEO A.S. Pillai said. The missile has a range of 290 km. (180 mi.) and flies at a speed of Mach 2.8.
- Neelam Mathews (mathews.neelam@gmail.com)

LCHh FLIES: Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.’s first Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) technology demonstrator made its first flight on March 29. The 20-minute flight provided the pilots an opportunity to carry out low-speed, low-altitude checks.

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