Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breaking! Finmeccanica refuses comment

Neelam Mathews
Aug 26, 2014


While there are some good tidings coming from the Modi government, I must say the practice being adopted to release an 'unofficial' statement through just a certain segment in the press, is in the steps of the past government. There are no sources quoted and no official sources.

This is truly sending wrong signals to our foreign partners we want to do business with and leaving OEMs to clam up and probably writhe in agony.

An example is this  Statement issued by Finmeccanica on the AW101 deal - 

"With reference to the many and often contradictory press articles concerning alleged decisions by the Indian MoD relating to existing contracts and future business with Finmeccanica companies, Finmeccanica would like to clarify that at the moment it has not received any official communication from any of the relevant authorities. Thus, Finmeccanica will not make any comments on these press reports."

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