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In Parliament today- Accidents with INSAS Assault Rifles

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Aug 8, 2011
There have been accidents with the Indian Army’s main infantry weapon, INSAS Assault Rifles during firing practice, Minister of State for Defense M M Pallam Raju said in Lok Sabha.
The Number of accidents/defects reported in the last three years are as under:
Calendar year
2011 (till July)
Nos of accidents/defects

There were only minor injuries in the mishaps reported above, said the reply of the minister. The details are as follows:-
Calendar year
Nos of persons injured

According to a Special Army Order SAO 2/S/2006, a defect report (DE) is raised by users bringing out the defect noticed by them.  A copy of Defect Report is forwarded to Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP), MGO branch, HQ TGEME, OFB among others.  On receipt of Defect Report, AHSP conducts investigation in consultation with other agencies to ascertain the causes of accidents.
Prior to 2003, the Indian Army had reported a problem of oil spray in the eyes of the firer.  Based on the feedback, corrective action was taken and the design was modified.  Since then, no adverse feedback has been received. 
Remedial and improvement measures suggested by the Defect Investigation Team are intimated to the manufacturer and the user. 
Some of the defects/shortcomings noticed are:-
(i)                Improper heat treatment and material; the concerned Ordnance Factories have been advised accordingly.
(ii)              Firing of segregated ammunition lot; Users have been advised.
(iii)            Improper drill by the User; user has been advised and educated by short term courses.

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