Monday, August 1, 2011

DIAL addresses security concerns

Neelam Mathews
Aug 1, 2011

Delhi International Airport (DIAL) says it would like to set the record straight on issues, relating to security inadequacies in and around IGI Airport made by the media.
As an Airport Operator, DIAL is required to provide necessary physical infrastructure and security equipment and related facilities for the security of Civil Aviation Operations from the Airport as stipulated in the National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP). Under the guidance of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), DIAL says it has spared no effort in providing the state-of-the-art security technology, equipment and infrastructure at IGI Airport.
A DIAL statement says it has gone beyond the mandated specifications of the BCAS, the mandated body in selecting the security systems and providing the infrastructure. The note lists high-end security systems including a CCTV system with more than 3500 cameras,  five level fool-proof’ in-line baggage screening’ system, automated vehicle checking system, a  four layered ‘Perimeter Intrusion Detection’ System, dog squad, Bomb Detection & Disposal Squad (BDDS), Explosive Detectors. And DFMD and HHMD.
We have a state-of-the-art Security Operational Control Center (SOCC) which operates round the clock under the charge of CISF.  At this SOCC all the feeds received from the elaborate CCTV coverage network at IGI Airport and also the Perimeter Intrusion Detection system are monitored, says DIAL.
An Audit of IGI airport was conducted by the ICAO in February, 2011 where IGI Airport was found to be fully compliant with the provisions of the Annexe 17 & National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP). The CISF is the designated agency for the protection of Civil Aviation Operations at the Airport.  At IGI Airport we have more than 4500 fully trained CISF personnel effectively maintaining the security.
On Allegations of free access to Runway and other areas within operational boundary of Airport:
We have a highly secure perimeter wall covering all the operational areas of the Airport. The perimeter wall is effectively guarded effectively by the CISF. It is not possible for any unauthorized person to gain access to Runways or operational areas of the Airport.
Hotels at the Hospitality District being allegedly dangerously close to Runway: The hotels at the Hospitality District are being constructed according to the duly approved Master Plan. The Runway is not as close to the Hospitality District periphery, as is made out butis at a safe distance of more than 450 metres. We may add here that all the structures of the Hospitality Area will have full component of security and there will be controlled access and CCTV surveillance.
Allegation of lax security measures at the Hospitality DistrictThis Hospitality District is planned as per the original Master-Plan developed in line with the OMDA guidelines. The entire Hospitality District area falls well outside the operational area of IGI Airport. Prior to the commencement of these developments and licensing of the area to the developers, all the approvals as per the statutory requirements have been obtained from the relevant authorities. During the period of construction necessary arrangements have been made to regulate  the access of construction vehicles and  the labour. Before the commencement of the commercial operations in the Hospitality District we will also have the required  surveillance and security systems  installed there to ensure proper security measures If any additional security measures are to be incorporated we will be happy to do so.
Alleged gaps in the perimeter wall:  There are no gaps at any place in the airport perimeter wall. The entire perimeter wall of the Airport is well guarded  by the CISF and is also equipped with Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).
Arrangements at gate no. 6/access to Peer Baba Shrine: The Peer Baba shrine is of significant historical importance and it has been there for a long time. In deference to the religious sentiments, every Thursday controlled access to the shrine is permitted from time immemorial. As is the case with the rest of the perimeter wall, this is access controlled by CISF. The devotees are subjected to thorough frisking and checking and the entire drill is carried out as per laid down Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of CISF.
Alleged lax security in “VIP” parking: There is no VIP parking in the parking lot of Terminal-2, which is not a functional terminal at this point of time. The VIP parking lots at Terminal 1D and Terminal 3 are guarded by CISF and no unauthorized vehicle is allowed.
Allegation of non-installation of CCTVs on approach roads to the airport:  The Delhi Police had projected a requirement of CCTV cameras on the approach roads to the Airport. Agreeing with this, we have referred the matter to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, which is the regulatory authority, for its formal approval.
Allegation regarding non-installation of x-ray machines at the terminal departure area:  BCAS/CISF had issued guidelines to all the Airport Operators in this regard with a direction to implement it by 31.12.2011. DIAL will implement these guidelines at the earliest and in any case not later than the stipulated deadline. DIAL has not asked for any extension of time as alleged.
Allegation of non-implementation of recommendations made by the Delhi Police in its survey: DIAL wishes to state that it has not received any security audit report or recommendations thereon from Delhi Police. The request of Delhi Police for installation of CCTV cameras has been dealt in point 8 above.
Allegation of lack of security at Multi Level Car Park (MLCP):  MLCP provides a very elaborate and convenient parking facility for the users of the Airport. We have installed equipment like Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS), LPR (License Plate Reader), Hydraulic bollards, Boom Barriers, etc., to ensure proper security and checking of the vehicles entering the MLCP. There are adequate numbers of security guards deployed. Moreover, the CISF teams maintain a close vigil with the help of their patrolling teams and also sniffer dogs. For close surveillance, there are a number of CCTV cameras in the building, which are monitored by CISF. Apart from this, any person wanting to use long term parking facility (Park N Fly) at the MLCP needs to furnish an identity card, vehicle registration documents, flight details and telephone number etc.  The particulars of such vehicles are sent to the CISF as well as to the Delhi Police.

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  1. Does the entire 250 Acres earmarked for Commercial Use fall outside the Operational Area?