Monday, April 18, 2011

India to get first regional carrier

Neelam Mathews
April 18, 2011
Time: 11:40pm  IST

Following a host of wannabes that made announcements on their intent to start regional carriers, the recession in 2009 put a halt to most plans. Now, India might now get its first regional carrier, AkashGanga Airlines expected to start its services within three months with two Embraer 140 jets.

The airline will use Lucknow’s Amausi International Airport as its main base, which will also serve as the operations hub. 

DGCA recently loosened its guidelines to help smaller regional carriers take off. It now allows regionals a fleet size of three aircraft within two years instead of one year.

The airline was conceived after detailed study and analysis because of the existing requirements/needs and the lack of connectivity between routes and networks it plans to operate, says a statement. Aerospace Daily learns it is looking to fly between what seems to be, an uncommon untried route from Lucknow to Kochi.

The networks identified by the airline, it says, do not have existing connections and also lack connectivity by railways and roads/highways.

The Embraer 140 has a seating capacity of  44 in a single configuration and a range with max payload  of 3000 km.


  1. The AkashGanga is introducing Embraer 145 jets with 50 seats.

  2. grt news of luck with ur endeavor..,lemme know if i can be of any help


  3. whats latest on this Akashganga..