Thursday, January 6, 2011

India gets new defense procurement procedures 2011

DPP 2011 released
Neelam Mathews

The ministry of defense has released its DPP 2011.

It has expanded the list of products Eligible for Discharge of Offset Obligations from defense products to products  for internal security and  civil aerospace products.

A quick list includes-

Internal Security
• Arms and their ammunition including all types of close quarter weapons.
• Protective Equipment for Security personnel including body armour and helmets.
• Vehicles for internal security purposes including armoured vehicles, bullet proof vehicles
and mine protected vehicles.
• Riot control equipment and protective as well as riot control vehicles.
• Specialized equipment for surveillance including hand held devices and unmanned aerial
• Equipment and devices for night fighting capability including night vision devices.
• Navigational and communications equipment including for secure communications.
• Specialized counter terrorism equipment and gear, assault platforms, detection devices,
breaching gear, etc.
• Training aids including simulators and simulation equipment.

Civil Aerospace Products
• All types of fixed wing as well as rotary aircraft including their air frames, aero engines,
aircraft components and avionics.
• Aircraft design and engineering services.
• Technical publications
• Raw material and semi-finished goods.
• Flying training institutions and technical training institutions (excluding civil infrastructure).

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